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One Day, One Life - The Propaganda of Success

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  • Wayside Philanthropy Manager David Stewart shares candid look at his addiction and recovery in debut book, ‘One Day, One Life’

    David Stewart had it all: a six-figure salary, German cars, Swiss watches, Italian suits and a family he adored in a house by the sea. But he was riddled with anxiety and became a dishonest, calculating alcoholic and addict. Offering short snippets from his life, “One Day, One Life: The Propaganda of Success” narrates the raw and intimate story of Stewart’s struggles with addiction while showing an easier way to live – with love and freedom of choice.

    “Too often, books on recovery are tainted by one of two extremes: self-glorification or self-loathing, but I have created a productive and candid balance among all the various emotions and experiences of a life of both addiction and recovery,” Stewart explains. “I view addiction as a reason and not an excuse.”

    Told with humor, humility and tough love, “One Day, One Life” not only takes readers through Stewart’s struggles with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and addiction, but also highlights the lack of understanding, community support and awareness of addiction.

     An excerpt from “One Day, One Life”:

    This is the Western myth – the more I gather and own will make me well. And my reality was the exact opposite because the more I owned, the sicker I became. And the more I tried to gather, the sicker I got.


    About the Author

    David Stewart earned a degree in economics and has worked in business, finance and the non-profit sector throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. He is currently The Philanthropy Manager at The Wayside Chapel. He is also an alcoholic who chooses sobriety and freedom. Stewart lives by the surf near Bondi Beach with his wife, Donalee, and is the father of Matthew, Patrick and Thomas. This is his first book. 

    Price: $20.00
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